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History of the Wisconsin Golf Course Superintendents Association 

The start of our association which is today called the Wisconsin Golf Course Superintendents Association was started after the conclusion the first University of Wisconsin's Short Course for Greenkeepers in 1930. Thirty-nine charter members met in March of 1930 at Blue Mound CC, in Wauwatosa, WI to form the Wisconsin Greenkeepers Association. Host Paul Brockhausen was elected President. From these humble beginnings began a rich tradition of continuing education, professional camaraderie, and networking that continues to make the present WGCSA the premier association for Golf Course Managers in Wisconsin. 

The WGCSA has had a rich and vibrant history of volunteerism and service by the membership who have gave countless hours organizing and hosting meetings which are held at numerous golf courses throughout the state. The depression years of the 1930's and the World War II years tested the association but steady growth through both lean and prosperous times has allowed the present membership to grow to over 450 members today. 

If you would like learn more about the history of the WGCSA, we recommend you read Caring for the Green by Mr. Gene Haas. This full length book was completed in 2005 in celebration and honor of our 75th Anniversary. It is a fantastic record of our membership's accomplishments and role in the great history of Golf in Wisconsin and beyond. Current topics of our association can also be found in our award-winning journal The Grass Roots that is published 4 times per year by Editor Jake Schneider.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Caring for the Green please contact Jake Schneider at jschneider@wgcsa.com. 

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