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Employment services 

We offer the following services to help you with your employment needs.


Option 1. (No Cost to the employer). Job Posting Service for Courses/Facilities needing a Golf Course Superintendent,  Assistant Superintendent, Equipment Technician, Irrigation or Spray Technician, Turf Sales, Turf Internship or other Turf Industry Specialist.  

Please supply with us with a Job Description with details and information important to the job you are looking to fill.  NOTE: It is WGCSA policy to include Salary Requirements (or range).

Here are links to examples of what you need to supply us so we can add this to the Job Page for all WGCSA members to review on the Members Side of our Website.  Asst. Supt. Post Example,  Superintendent Post Example, and Sales/Industry Post Example.  Format desired is MS-Word.  Upon WGCSA approval a link will be activated on our website AND a Email Blast will go out to all 400+ WGCSA members for review.

If you would like WGCSA to assist you with crafting your Job Posting please contact Ch. Mgr. Jake Schneider via email or Ph. 920-643-4888  We are happy to assist!

Please Note: It is WGCSA policy to have all Job Opportunities list a minimum salary/compensation or range or compensation.

Option 2. Job Posting and MAILING SERVICE.  This option includes the same process and services as Option 1 but includes the Printing and Mailing of a Hard Copy notice to all members of the WGCSA.  You will simply be invoiced for actual costs of the Printing, Mailing and Postage.  Please contact Ch. Mgr. Jake Schneider via email or Ph. 920-643-4888 for more information and assistance.


Resume Posting for anyone that would like to be considered for positions being offered by our members and facilities.  If you have a desire to be in the WI Golf Turf Industry as an Asst. Superintendent or Equipment, Spray, or Irrigation Tech please send your resume to Ch. Mgr. Jake Schneider via EMAIL.  Upon approval the resume will be placed on Resume Page on the Members side of our website for our 400+ members to review.  We are happy to post the resume on the site for as long as you wish.  Please provide those instructions upon submittal.

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